About Chimney Pots on Rooftops in Sydney

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Houses with fireplaces and a chimney projecting out of the roof have to take care when there is rain because the rain water will enter the chimney. This is because, through the fireplace, it could flood your living room. You will need to cover the chimney to avoid this. In a city like Sydney, it pours when it rains, and you cannot afford to leave the chimney uncovered. The best solution is to go in for chimney pots Sydney shops sell.

Chimney Pots Explained

These are basically made from clay and sit on the chimney tops with openings on the sides to allow the smoke to escape. These are covered from the top to stop the rain water from entering the chimney. The concept of having a chimney on the top of the roofs of houses has been in vogue from the Victorian Era. It is also a fact that in terms of the overall design of the chimney pots in Sydney, there may not be too many variations. But you will get the round, square and even rectangular chimney pots. When looked at from the side, they are broader at the bottom and narrower at the top. The essence of the bottom size is to see that it covers the top opening of the chimney. Check Anglo Chimney Sweeps for more details.

Material of Construction and the Aesthetic Quotient 

It is obvious that when any passerby looks up at the chimney pots Sydney houses have, it gives a distinct appearance. From an artist’s point of view, the plain chimney projecting out of the roof gets a makeover with the chimney pot on top of it. It does improve the aesthetic appearance of the silhouette of the house. To that extent, one has to welcome this addition to the architecture of the house.

Sydney Chimney pots are made with clay. They have been made with clay for centuries now and there has hardly been any drastic change in the basic ingredients that go into making these chimney pots and the cowls that adorn the rooftops in Sydney.

Chimney Pots Have an Engineering Role to Play as Well

This article began by explaining how the chimney pots Sydney houses have are meant to cover the top opening of the chimneys, which face skyward. The basic function of the chimney is to exhaust the smoke coming out of the fireplace inside the house to the atmosphere. By covering this opening with the chimney pots on top, the rain water doesn’t fall into the chimney but are taken by the chimney pot and dispersed around to flow down the roof tiles into the gutters.

However, besides this function, the chimney pots are also an essential part of the fireplace chimney since the smoke coming out can face a back draft at times, and this could push the smoke back down into the chimney and can even enter your living room. The chimney pot helps in avoiding this by blocking the smoke from the top and allowing it to escape through the wide openings on its sides, and the coming wind will take the smoke away by horizontal force. So the chimney pot has its role to play in the houses in Sydney or elsewhere.